Are Teddy’s bottles and caps recyclable?
Teddy’s bottles are #1 plastic and caps are #5 plastic.  Check with your local recycle centers to see if you are able to recycle in your area.
When are you coming out with a new flavor?

We do not have plans to come out with a new flavor at this time, however, if you have an idea for us, please send it in to contact @

What are the package sizes of Teddy’s?

Teddy’s comes in a 26 ounce bottle.

Does Teddy’s have sugar?
All flavors of Teddy’s have sugar in them.  Check your bottle for the complete ingredient lists.
Can I buy directly from you or in bulk?
We do not offer online sales, however you can ask your local store to special order you in some by the case.
How do you read the codes?

We use the Julian calendar based on production date. Towards the neck of the bottle there is a code, an example of that code: (letters)24001 – 24 (year), 001 (day of year), this product was produced on January 1, 2024. Bottles have an approximant shelf life of 9 months.